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From Aron Sawyers

Vancouver, CA

Dear friend,

Hey, my name is Aron Sawyers, and I'm here today because I want to give you something that I call "The Linkedin Deal Finder Blueprint".

This is my blueprint and my course for how to find your next deal on Linkedin.

But before I give you access to the deal finder blueprint I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created...

This is NOT something that I just made up one day, and hoped that it would work, I spent YEARS testing and perfecting this framework for you!

This is what happened...

4 years ago, I wanted to find a way to make money online, and I assumed that I would post a few times on social media, and people would open up their laptops and start salivating over what I had to offer and come work with me.

But what happened next, completely confused me.

No one and I mean ABSOLUTELY no one reached out!

I put out my work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and found out the hard way.

Just making posts about what I do was not enough to have clients banging on my door.

I would later go on my computer and see other businesses posting online...

Sharing their "recently closed" DEALS.

As a new video marketer, I was excited to see what they might be posting to find their business.

I ran to their profile to take a look and found that type of content that we're putting out

and what happened next changed my life...

I remember watching post after post

...deal after deal and these creatives

just seemed to be SWIMMING in deals! 

I sat there in my bedroom in amazement, watching and counting each deal and WHERE they were coming from.…

I started tallying up in my head how much money these creatives were earning... 





And so on...

8 Business Owners were looking for creative services FROM ONE SOURCE!

Once I finished scrolling creatives' profiles, I looked for another and I found the same thing, the businesses that were flocking to their comments and looking for creative services…

I watched it happen all over again… but this creative closed 6 figure deals from LINKEDIN!

After 3 days of staying up seeing this happen over and over with others, I knew I HAD to find out HOW these deals were coming in.

I didn’t really want to be a LinkedIn Guru…

But I knew that if Video Creatives who were NOT TECH SAVVY LIKE ME, could find deals and in ONE WEEK make more money than I had made in a year…

...then I NEEDED to learn that skill,


Maybe I wasn’t going to earn $50k per month like the VIDEO CREATIVES that I watched, (or so I thought at the time)...

But what if this one skill could help make an extra $50,000 per year? 

Or $100,000 per month?

Or $100,000 per week?

What would it be worth to learn THAT skill…?

There was just one problem...

I was (and still am) not a FAN of social media neither do I like POSTING about my business...

Yet, within a few weeks of seeing these posts online.


I was nervous… but I was pretty sure that I could figure out how they were getting these deals I had seen on Linkedin... and so I took on the client with an excited… YES!

Without doing any formal training beforehand, I assumed that it couldn’t be THAT hard… right?

Besides, I felt like I had WAY better content than the other videographers who weren't even that great… and if I could create content with how much I knew…

Then I'd be sure to get a bunch of leads and find deals… right?

So I put together my BEST ideas…

And then stayed up late and got to work.

I couldn’t wait to find out!

And then it happened…

My Worst Nightmare Came True...

I launched all videos…

Tried to give my BEST video topic…

I had an amazing CALL TO ACTION…

And then, in what was one of the most devasting moments of my entrepreneurial career

No leads....

And then, in what was one of the most embarrassing moments of my entrepreneurial career my videos failed - we had

ZERO likes.

ZERO comments.

ZERO engagement

ZERO people saw the video, no business owner seemed to notice the videos I made online and nobody showed up in my inbox looking for Video Services.

I just sat there, looking on the computer… wondering where I went wrong… and then I looked outside as the walls seemed to be caving in. 

I Just Wanted To Hide :(

I didn’t get it…why would they inquire about video from all the other videographers, but not me?

I went over and over it again in my mind...

“Did I miss something in my post copy?” 

“Was my script really that horrible?” 

“Did I just completely miss the mark on my audience?” 

“Maybe I’m not cut out for 'video marketing'…"

I thought I did everything that the other did.

What went wrong?

I literally hid out in my bedroom for the next 3 days ( ordering food and pints of ice cream while watching Netflix) because I didn’t want to see any of the other brokers' posts online or their funded deals…

“Well, that’s that”, I thought...

I gave it a try and had a HORRIBLE


...and I NEVER wanted to use Linkedin again!

And I didn’t for a while…

But I did start going to events, and I kept observing as other creatives continued to make more per hour than I was making per year.

Eventually that belief that:

IF I COULD LEARN THIS ONE SKILL, that my life would change forever…

That thought kept ringing in my ears… I finally came to my senses, and eventually decided to give it another shot.

I tried a second time...

And a third...

And a fourth...

I kept trying to generate leads over and over, getting a little bit better each time.

Different businesses reached out to me and started helping me…

Each one had a “missing piece” that they needed to attract the right lead, which I didn't have.

I also watched hundreds of other marketers and started to model what they were doing...

Every time, I’d add in the new things I was learning…

I tried a sixth time…

And a seventh…


...until I slowly started to master the skill, and I started making really good money!

I Started Selling VIDEO MARKETING SERVICES, from Testimonial Videos to large commercials and More!

Every time I wanted to market a new niche, I would have to create new LinkedIn videos 

After rebuilding my formula dozens of times, I started to create a Blueprint that took EVERYTHING I had learned from the top marketers in the world, as well as what I discovered from my own experiences...

And created the first draft of my LinkedIn deal finder Blueprint. It looked a little like this:  

Each time I would get on my computer, I would pull out this Blueprint, plug in the niche, and then write the script and find deals flawlessly!

Over the next few years...

I Went From $0 In Sales...

To Becoming The #1 Recommend Video Marketer In The Space... 

(And Working with tons of businesses across North America some being at the Top in the ENTIRE Industry!)

But then something changed for me…

After Mastering Creating Linkedin Videos, I Decided To Teach...

I spent over 2 years finding deals on LINKEDIN.....

And I got GREAT at it!

But I had turned away tons of Video Creatives who actually NEEDED my help.…

Just because they couldn't afford to work with me one on one.

I hated that feeling…

I hated that I chose profit over impact.

I hated that I turned away video creatives that needed to find deals to provide for their families when I could have helped.

I hated that I wasn't making an impact where I was most needed.

So Late One Night, While Finishing A Video Campaign, I Told Myself:

“I just don’t want to do this anymore...”

I’m Going To QUIT.

I knew that when I quit, my income was going to dry up quickly...

So I turned to a new program at the time (one-pagers) to try to translate and package what I knew.

It was a major task to translate what I knew to bring in commissions for business loan brokers into digestible information that could be used by any broker. 

Over The Next Year I CREATED Over 85+ Linkedin Videos, And During That Time, I PERFECTED What I Now Call:

"The LinkedinDeal Finder Framework"

Every time I had a new niche, I would just plug it into this Blueprint.

Every time I met a video marketer who wanted to find leads and deals online, I would use the script, show them how to customize it ...

And I'd watch as their deals started coming in!

"If You Can Copy And Paste, Then You Too Can Have A Linkedin Page That Brings You Deals!"

If you have a video business and you know you can create kick-ass videos that you KNOW but just need to find the businesses to create them for, this BLUEPRINT is PERFECT for you! 

In the past I only taught people the " Linkedin Deal Finder Framework" at my expensive $10k accelerator programs ... but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire framework AND training to show you HOW to customize it for YOUR Linkedin Page

For Only $149.00

Yes... for about the price of a happy meal, you can get access to a BLUEPRINT that took me OVER 5 YEARS to create... 

That after you master, will give you the ability to write your own paycheck for the rest of your life!

YES ARON! Give Me Instant Access To The Deal Finder Framework And Training RIGHT NOW For Just $149.00 !

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Total Value: $1,985

Today Just $149

It Doesn't Matter What Segment Of The Market You're In... The Deal Finder BluePrint Will Work For YOU!

In fact...

We have marketers in every market and niche who are using this SAME BLUEPRINT in their own businesses! 

They use it to Find CLIENTS for every type of video project, like:

  • ​Large Video ...
  • ​Real estate...
  • ​Construction ...
  • Dental Productions​...
  • Lead Generation...

  • For Marketing Agencies​...
  • Video Commercials...
  • Testimonial Videos ...
  • ​Gym Productions ...
  • ​and many, many more!

Gary Parker Used This SAME BLUEPRINT

To close 129k in deals from Linkedin Clients

And, even deals you probably never thought you would find ONLINE…

Like High Ticket DEALS!!

Yes, Gary, who went from cold emailing businesses, and burning tons of CASH on Facebook Ads . He then learned the "Linkedin Dealfinder Blueprint" and within 28 days CLOSED his first deal

This Course Will Teach You A SKILL That Will Allow You To Find Deals ANYWHERE.

This framework I’m going to teach you works in any niche...

It’s the same process I’ve used to find deals worth TENS OF THOUSANDS

And it will work for you as well!

When You Get Your Copy Of "The Deal Finder Framework" Course ($997 For Just $149.00)

The Deal Finder Framework Training

"How To Use The Deal Finder BluePrint"

Total Value: $2497

This training will help you to see exactly how to use the framework to attract your clients on Linkedin. Others have paid over $297 for JUST THIS ONE VIDEO, but you'll be getting it FREE when you order the Deal Finder Blueprint today!

It will help you to know exactly how to create profitable videos that get people to reach out to you! This will help you to find your next deal with absolute certainty!

Bonus #1 - The Industry Authority Framework

"Become an Authority in ANY Industry"

Total Value: $397

Part of the "Deal Finder Framework" training, will be actually telling you the hidden approach to have business owners lower their guard and want to reach out to you. Many video marketers have never developed this approach, or don't know how to approach them in a way that causes an impact.

This section will help supplement the deal finder blueprint, help you to reach your ideal client and position yourself in a way that gets business owners to move!

You'll also get this training on "becoming an industry authority" for FREE when you sign up today!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 'The Linkedin Dealfinder Blueprint' Today! 

Bonus #2 - Dream Client Attraction Secret : Mirror Technique

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Total Value: $197

One of the secrets to closing deals is ensuring that you can keep them interested! People do business with those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. So when you create content that resonates you "mirror", who your prospects trust. After seeing video marketers fail at this, I had invented what I called “The Mirror Technique.”

I’ll take you through it, showing you how I use the mirror technique in my video content…(this is the secret to creating reliable and predictable deal flow!)

I’ll explain in detail:

  • What topics to select…
  • ​How to get more ENGAGMENT (Likes, Comments and Shares)...
  • ​And all the processes behind how this mirror technique works!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 'The Deal Finder Framework"

Bonus #3 - Profitable Topic Formula

"The Profitable Topic Formula

(Plug AND 'Play Template')

Total Value: $297

After you understand how to use the formula, you're going to have the ammo to get people to reach out for any production!

In this bonus, you will get access to my profitable topic formula, a plug-and-play framework that you can use in any niche!  This will help you to get people to actually reach out to you for funding. 

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of 'The Deal Finder Framework" 

And again, you'll get access to this entire thing, the framework and the training for just ninety-seven bucks!

For some of you, this framework will be the difference between success and failure in your business... this is why I've made it SO INEXPENSIVE for you today!

You Could Get The Framework That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.

And so for you, I want you to make sure you take advantage of this, what I'm trying to make this an irresistible offer, because when you have the script, you can use it to find deals for just about anything. 

So all you're doing now is down below. There's going to be link it's $149. Okay. And as soon as you buy that will literally give you access immediately.

You can have access to the framework and the training here in 15 seconds, all you do is click the link down below, and we'll send this to you right away and you start learning how to use it and start using it for your business.

There Is NO CATCH!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity or membership program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

  It's my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber.

 Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run real businesses online selling physical products, software, and more)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.

  ​I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.
​  I'm kinda a show off... I'm not going to lie. I'm sick of people throwing out conversion numbers and their stats without any real proof to back it up. I think 99% of what is said online is complete BS... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH, show the actual stats and #'s behind what we do, and well... honestly, I just want you to think I'm cool. :)
Time Is Of The Essence...

This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.

This can go up in price at any time, especially if we decide to sell this as a full course (which is what I’ve done with other digital products in the past).

Because of what you’re getting, we’re expecting a flood of orders.

Just imagine creating ONE ad from this framework that doubles or triples your comissions each month!

 What impact would that have on your business?

All It Takes Is ONE BLUEPRINT To Set You FREE!

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this product, or I'll return your $149 and let you keep the deal finder framework anyway.

I’ll take all the risk on this.

If you don’t feel that The Linkedin Deal Finder Blueprint is worth 10 times what you invested, drop me an email within 30 days of getting the framework and training and I’ll refund your $149. No questions asked. Fair enough?


You Must Act Fast!
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone...

Okay. With that said, I hope you enjoy the framework. I hope you use it.

I want you to give this into your hands because I know how this can transform your business forever. 

Thanks again,

Aron Sawyers

P.S. Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 😊 

You get my Linkedin Deal Finder Blueprint and training (instant download), that is the SAME framework I used to find high ticket deals! I spent over 5 years perfecting this blueprint (hence the name "Deal Finder Blueprint"), and you can use it to find and fund deals in any niche!

I also show you step by step how to get started creating your own linkedin content so you can start geting more deals on Linkedin. This isn’t just for brokers that are trying to turn the corner. There are plenty of secret strategies and ‘underground’ techniques for advanced brokers as well. And it’s only $149. That’s it.

Just click the button below right now to get started! 

YES ARON! Give Me Instant Access To 'The LINKEDIN Deal Finder BLUEPRINT' RIGHT NOW For Just $149.00!

Your detailsWho Needs Access?
Your infoSecure The Deal Finder Framework!
Everything You're Going To Get
  • Instant Access To The Deal Finder Blueprint
  • Full Access To The Industry Authority Training
  • Dream Client Attraction Secret: "The Mirror Technique"
  • ​The Profitable Topic Formula (Plug And Play Template')
  • Linkedin Automation Training
  • Writing Effective Linkedin Copy Training
  • **BONUS** Linkedin Content Fast track Script

(Value $298)

  • **BONUS** Linkedin Message Sequence (Value $298)

Total Value: $2497

Today Just $149

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